MICASA Rottweilers 2023 Hanging Monthly Wall Calendar | 12″ x 24″ Open | Thick & Durable Paper | Giftable | Adorable Dog | Rottweiler Lovers Delight!

Adorable and energetic Rottweilers are featured in this 2023 wall calendar. It features 12 extraordinary Rotties in seasonal settings, making it a must-have for everyone with a dog or an appreciation for the breed. Watch as these dapper canines play in the snow, chill out on a dock, and pose for the camera. That’s the stuff to get you through the next year with confidence and courage!  Even the domestic sphere is undergoing rapid transformation. In spite of this, the timeless elegance of a traditional wall calendar remains. The minimalistic beauty and functionality of a MiCasa calendar makes it an ideal decoration for any space. Without using a computer, phone, or other technological device, you can keep track of your daily obligations.

Our calendars are the ideal present for every event, and there are more than a hundred unique designs from which to choose.  MiCasa Calendars Are Unbreakable. The paper is hefty, the staples are strong, and the ink is of high quality. The paper is resistant to curling and may be recycled with little effort. You needn’t worry about the hanging hole pulling out since it’s made of extra-tough material. In order to begin utilizing the calendar as early as possible, we have also included a two-page layout for November and December 2022 (without photos).  Calendars by MiCasa are a spacious 12 by 24 inches when open, meaning more white space for your important dates (12 x 12 closed). Each day is divided into large blocks (1.5″ x 1.85″), giving you plenty of room to write down everything you need to do. Because our calendars are solely in English and only cover the important U.S. and Canadian holidays, it frees up even more room for your own writing.

Our mission is to alleviate your stress, simplify your life, and open up more time for you. We acquired a calendar that was of astonishingly poor quality a few years ago. The paper was so flimsy that it crumpled at the corners. The hole in the wall where the hanger was was readily taken out. The visuals were just okay. Because of this, we decided to print our own line of high-quality calendars with stunning photography and designed to endure for a whole year. We’re a little Reno, Nevada firm run by a kind, hardworking family. We make these calendars as a family and hope you like them as much as we do.