Halloween PartyHop Rottweiler Dog Head Animal Latex Full-Face Masquerade Masks Fancy Dress Cosplay Bash for the Carnaval

Do you ever wish you could go up to a party disguised as a rock star by donning a unique mask over your face? If you aren’t sure what to wear to the party but want to make an impression, try sporting a frightening costume from PartyHop to get in the Halloween mood.

The products is  Free size  (It’s appropriate for both younger and older people). Materials are  All-natural latex (environmental and non-toxic). Superior production methods. If the Wrinkle-Express mask has been little squashed by its tight fit in its packaging, you may help it return to its original form by holding it out of the box with a piece of cardboard or similar.
VISION Perceive visual information through the openings in the head (such as the eyes, nose, and mouth). Simply enlarging or digging additional holes will allow for better visibility outside. There will be a scent when you first open the packaging. It’s just natural latex’s smell, nothing to worry about. When the mask is left in an open area, the odor will dissipate. Children under the age of three should not wear this mask.